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Wondering what we're up to?


We have teamed up with Y.A.S Communications to launch the social media challenge #PeelOrPay to help raise funds and awareness for the rarest great apes, the Cross River gorillas and the communities of the Lebialem Highlands in Cameroon!


Introducing #PeelOrPay...


It's an Instagram/Facebook challenge that aims to get people involved, donating and raising awareness. It coordinates the fun factor of peeling a banana with your feet whilst raising awareness of CRGP, resulting in much needed donations to the charity. 


Think you’ve got what it takes to tackle the challenge? Go bananas and upload your attempt to your Instagram story or Facebook/Twitter and don’t forget to tag @crossrivergorilla and use #PeelOrPay

(P.S Happy peeling!)

Instagram @CrossRiverGorilla
Facebook @CrossRiverGorillaProject

Twitter @CrossRiverGP


-Why Donate?-

Please join the challenge to help meet our £500 target!

Cross River Gorilla Project is a UK based charity set up to actively support the conservation of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla to improve its natural habitat in the Lebialem Highlands. We support the local rainforest communities, work with organisations in the field of conservation, education and development with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of conserving the biodiversity of rainforests in harmony with human activity. Our Woman’s Empowerment Group aims to support the most marginalised women in the Lebialem Highlands and we are also helping the Cameroonian community which is currently in an on-going humanitarian crisis.


-Challenge Instructions-

-Follow the Challenge on Instagram with-


Read about the challenge and the team of Newcastle University graduates behind it!

Got your own fundraising idea? Get in touch to learn more about our internship program!

Ready. Set. #PeelOrPay.

IDP Student Project
  • Instagram @CrossRiverGorilla
  • Facebook @CrossRiverGorillaProject
  • Twitter @CrossRiverGP
  • YouTube Cross River Gorilla
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