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Email Kellie Daniels to discuss corporate partnership

or to sponsor any CRGP events



We are currently looking for a corporate partner who will be generally aligned with CRGP’s brand and charity objectives and can support a range of events and initiatives from international to regional and local.




Sponsorship of CRGP is a great way to increasing brand awareness, which helps to generate consumer preference and to foster brand loyalty. CRGP will assist our corporate sponsor in reinforcing awareness among its target market by sponsoring events and projects that attracts a similar target market and interests.


Other benefits of Corporate sponsorship of CRGP include:


• raise brand awareness and create preference

• create positive PR and raise awareness of the organisation as a whole

• provide attractive content for a range of products and services

• build brand positioning through associative imagery

• support a sales promotion campaign

• create internal emotional commitment to the brand

• act as corporate hospitality that promotes good relations with clients.


We will of course work closely with our corporate sponsor to ensure we explore all possible benefits to their specific company needs. 



We are currently looking for a corporate sponsor to support all of our projects and initiatives as well as to provide support for our annual gala and all events. 


Our next gala will be held at Kew Gardens and will provide an amazing opportunity to any corporate sponsor to reach a wide range of key influentials and to receive national and international media cover surrounding the event. We will provide a wide range of cross marketing materials, printed materials, and multi media with branding from our corporate sponsorship that will reach a large section of our established target market. 




We would also like to have a working collaborative partnership with our corporate sponsor.   CRGP will invite a delegate from our corporate sponsorship to be a members of our board so we can effectively work together to achieve success in all projects and to assure we remain united on all initiatives as we grow as a charity.


This is an exciting opportunity to partner with our young but very dynamic charity and to grow together to maximise our ability to succeed in all our endeavours. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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