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Wondering what we're up to? We have teamed up with Y.A.S Communications to launch the social media challenge #PeelOrPay to help raise funds and awareness for Cross River gorillas! 

#PeelOrPay aims to launch during freshers week at Newcastle University. However it's not exclusive to university students, we encourage people of all ages to come together to have fun and #PeelOrPay!

We look forward to seeing everyone's attempts and we are hopeful to reach our target of £500!

Meet the Team!

Y.A.S Communications is built up of four newly graduated Newcastle University undergraduates who have come from a mixed background of media, communications, business, politics and public relations. These girls came together during university to create a PR campaign for Cross River Gorilla Project and are continuing to help us out with all things social, PR and communications! Let's meet the team...

Hello! I’m Ellie, a 21 year old from Durham.

I'm a First Class Media, Communications and Cultural studies graduate from Newcastle University with a passion for PR and social media marketing. I'm interested in food culture, and I spend a lot of my time running a food blog with an accompanying Instagram account to share my passion for food with others and to gain vital content marketing skills.

Previously, I spent a lot of time volunteering at my local youth club to help out within the community, so I am thrilled by the opportunity to be involved with CRGP as their work actively makes a difference to the community. I’m very excited to collaborate, gain vital skills and to help implement aspects of our group proposal!

Hey! My name is Charlotte and I'm a 21 year old Newcastle University graduate originally from Leeds, with a 1st Class honours degree in Media, Communication and Cultural Studies. I spent a lot of my university life involved with Newcastle Universities television station NUTV, where I spent my second year as Production Manager, and final year as Station Manager, filming and producing large events across campus as well as creating our own live and on-demand content.

Whilst NUTV provided me with a lot of exciting and unique opportunities, my passion has always remained with Public Relations, which has led me to pursue a Masters degree this September in Media and Public Relations at Newcastle.

During my downtime away from University and my part-time job as a Supervisor at Primark, I spend time with friends and family making the most of free time I have before lectures begin again. I am really excited to be involved with CRGP and be a part of a team to make the campaign come to life, as it is an organisation I really admire.

Hey everyone! My name is Kerri, I’m 23 years old and originally from Somerset. I have just graduated from Newcastle University with a first class degree in Business, Media & Communication, which I’m thrilled about! At university, I enjoyed studying Public Relations and Marketing modules, and loved getting involved in the charity sector, helping to organise a ‘Trick or Treat’ food collection campaign for the Trussell Trust with friends last October.

I’m really excited to be working with Cross River Gorilla Project as conservation is an issue close to my heart. Other interests of mine include travelling, as I love learning about different cultures, getting arty and learning to cook. In the last few months, I’ve been loving exploring the North East with friends, spending lots of time outdoors visiting waterfalls, beaches and going on long walks.

Hi I’m Lucy, I'm 21 years old and have just graduated from Newcastle University with a 1st Class honours in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies. I have a keen interest in all things social media, marketing and content creation and hope to find a job within the media & comms sector soon. I'm currently living in my home town in North Yorkshire and during lockdown I’ve been trying to get out walking more, spending time with my family and also completed my degree!

I love film, music and media- hence I have also been watching A LOT of Netflix (I'm addicted to documentaries). I'm really looking forward to working with CRGP as I believe they stand for something so important and that people can really easily support.

To support our challenge and have some fun at home, grab a banana and a camera and join us online #PeelOrPay @CrossRiverGorilla !

Ready. Set. Peel!

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