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-Communication Students-

We collaborate with Ramona Slusarczyk, Lecturer in Public Relations and Corporate Communications at Newcastle University and her students to develop strategies to help further our international communications outreach and strategic planning for our public relations, media, event planning,

fundraising, membership and overall communication needs.  


2019 - 2020


Five Newcastle University MA Media and PR students helped raise funds for humanitarian aid and conservation of endangered species in Cameroon. They helped to plan and organise The Rainforest Ball which proved to be a huge success, raising £10,000 in donations from 160 guests at London's scenic Kew Gardens on 30 March. In attendance were representatives from the Cameroon's High Commissioner Office to the UK, Medicines Sans Frontiers, and Cameroonian Environment and Rural Development Foundation.


Kellie Daniels, then deputy director of CRGP said "the students should be proud as this was a major task for even the most seasoned professional and they helped to deliver a flawless event which raised the charity's profile and exceeded our fundraising target". 

Ramona Slusarczyk, Lecturer in Corporate Communications in the School of Arts and Cultures, who invited the charity to collaborate with the students, is hoping for this type of partnerships to help students apply their knowledge and skills in a global context.

"There's definitely a strong need among our University's students to be involved in initiatives that not only can serve as a future showcase for their employment, but also give them a sense of having contributed to a meaningful project with a lasting impact," she said.

"We want students to gain a thorough understanding of the issues international charities face and exposing them to real-world challenges in intercultural setting is crucial for fostering our graduates' professional skills and global outlook."


This has been adapted from an article by Newcastle University, click here to read more.

2016 - 2017

Previously we worked with a group of 6 interns from the communications department who assisted in brand development, public relations, and initial membership foundation.  They also helped with all aspects of organisation regarding our inaugural gala at the Great North Museum and hosted additional fundraisers independently to help raise awareness through the local community.

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