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-Teemills & Ambassadors-

Check out our Teemills store to do your part in raising awareness for gorillas and supporting

Conservation and Communities in Cameroon

with our fabulous sustainable clothing collection.

Explore the collections by our ambassadors kindly donating a percentage of their profits to our cause.

Cross River Gorilla_Head.jpg

Shop our Cross River Gorilla Collection featuring the work of fabulous artist Kim Ho at our teemill store! 

Profits from our tees, sweatshirts, hoodies and more go to CRGP.



The Lebialem Highland Collection features Rainforest Jasper & Moonstone. 

10% of all sales from this collection will be donated to the CRGP.

Bantham art angel.jpg

Bantham Angel Art

Choose from plastic free cards or prints from the 'Time Limitation Series'. 

20% of sale proceeds will go to carefully chosen conservation charities including CRGP.

-Shop Our Store-

Help us save the rainforest and support communities in crisis the by purchasing from our unique selection of  sustainable, high-quality products. 

To order, please contact with your order details. 

Postage & packaging is added to the price displayed.

Thanks to Gorilla Ambassador Kim Ho for her fabulous colourful logo and gorilla designs in our new

Cross River Gorilla Collection x KimHo.Art.

The Plants of Lebialem Highlands, Cameroon. (Book)


Available on the KEW garden website.



from Paul Spillett's trip with CRGP

Price POA

Available upon request.

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