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- School of Natural and Environmental Sciences -

Since 2016, CRGP has worked with students from the School of Natural and Environmental Sciences of Newcastle University, the enthusiasm and engagement of the students making a major contribution to the Cross River Gorilla project.

The university involvement has consisted of several elements, a number of PhD Students have joined the committee, Year 2 students on placement with CRGP as part of their employability skills for a thirty five hour programme during their second year and Year 3 students working on dissertations centred on the work to save the endangered gorilla and the need for community support in this programme. In 2020 we are welcoming students from the Newcastle University Marine Biology BSc course for placements.

The placement students join CRIT, the Cross River Information Team and the name was chosen by our first group of students. Click here to learn more about our placement opportunities which now extend to students studying any subject and can be carried out using video calls to abide by social distancing measures.

- Year 3 Information Project Students -


Our 4 students are designing materials to raise awareness for Cross River gorillas.

Céire McArdle-Donaghey has produced a series of podcasts called 'The Three C's" based on our core values: 

Conservation, Community, Cameroon.

Listen on Spotify to hear Ceira chat with board members John, Oisin and Jennie to learn more.

Hayden Oates has designed a problem solving game hosted on its own website. This adventure requires you to solve a variety of challenges and puzzles through research of this website and more, in order to find out how you can help protect the endangered species of the Lebialem Highlands. 

Frankie Martin has designed a video to teach people about the critically endangered Cross River gorillas, for people to learn more about the Cross River Gorilla Project and how they can help.

Nikolaos Lampadaridis has developed a Gorilla Adoption scheme website to help raise awareness for the wildlife in the Lebialem Highlands and provide a way for the public to help!


Emmy Pritchard used her research into Cross River gorillas to create an informative booklet. 


Rebecca Salt created an award winning video to raise awareness for the Cross River gorilla. CRGP used this fabulous video at the Rainforest Ball in Kew Gardens in 2019, which was attended by 170 people.


Rebecca not only won the faculty's 'W.H. Young Prize for Best Biological Information Project',  but also the 'People's Choice Best Poster' SNES Award. 

Ffion Davies created an interactive game which was displayed at the Great North Museum.

Louis Nkembi, founder of ERuDeF, visited and viewed these posters at the SNES poster conference.


Millie produced the interactive poster below which was also featured in an article in the University magazine :

 Interactive posters highlight plight of endangered Cross River Gorilla.

The QR code featured takes you to Millie's interview with ERuDeF founder, Louis Nkembi.

John Daniels, Director of CRGP

"A mutually beneficial arrangement between the Cross River Gorilla

Project and the University of Newcastle School of Natural and Environmental Sciences and the Media Department, Long May It Continue"

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