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Your First Triumph of Semester 2

With exams/deadlines (finally!) behind us and a new semester ahead, also comes Volunteering Week. A great initiative set up by our uni to help others, which all of us at Cross River Gorilla Project are proud to be a part of.

As you may have seen in our previous blogs/posts, the Cross River Gorilla Project are running the ‘Pencil Case Project’ across Volunteering Week. The Project is a similar concept to the Shoebox Appeal, which most of us probably participated in (or, more likely, got our parents to participate in for us) during primary school. We’re asking for students to offer pencil cases – new or old – filled with stationary, to donate to children who have been forced out of education in Cameroon. We’re lucky enough to study at a great University, but sometimes it’s easy to take this for granted and the situation in Cameroon reminds us of how fortunate we really are to have the opportunity to study. So, if you have a few spare minutes and some stationary hanging around your room after exams, why not drop it off in the SU or the Robinson, to act as a small symbol of kindness? This could be your first achievement of the semester (and it doesn’t even involve a 3000 word essay). Hope to see you there from February 11th onwards! For more information about Cross River Gorilla Project and the Pencil Case Project please visit: #RaceForTheCase

Photo credit: Paul Spillet.

Note. Donations now closed.

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