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#WorldGorillaDay 2020 with @GorillaHeroes

We joined @GorillaHeroes's Gorilla hi five challenge to celebrate World Gorilla Day 2020! Addy founded Gorilla Heroes to raise awareness for and support gorilla conservation and we are delighted to work with her as our Young CRGP Gorilla Ambassador!

Why not join the challenge yourself and share on social media with #GorillaHi5

What are your 5 favourite things about gorillas? Comment below!

Here are some of ours:

1) Gorillas share 98% of our DNA

2) They’re the guardians of the rainforest 🌱

3) They’re intelligent and majestic

4) They care for each other

5) They’re vegetarians (except for the odd insect!)🌿

Thank you for everything you do #GorillaHeroes

Together we can #SaveTheGorillas

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