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Tilly At Home with John Daniels

John Daniels ✨ Episode 12 ⭐️ Founder and chairman of The Cross River Gorilla Project 🦍

The @crossrivergorilla is a UK based charity whose main aim is to help preserve the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla, particularly those in South West Cameroon which are in danger of becoming isolated and therefore are on the brink of being extinct with less than 300 remaining.

On this episode John, talks about why he founded the Cross River Gorilla Project & shares his first-hand experience of trekking in the highlands & his camping in the rainforest. He talks about the character & behaviour of the gorillas & how their conservation drive is very viable, as although numbers are small, they live a long time, so there is opportunity for them to flourish, if the conditions are right within their environment.

John gives his thoughts on the current humanitarian crisis in Cameroon, the challenges they are facing & how this impacts on conservation projects & makes their support for the rangers even more vital. He talks about their successful UK home schooling project, The Gorilla Club & his ambitions for taking these education programs into the schools and villages of Cameroon.

Tilly At Home With is sponsored by Wanderlust @wanderlust__tv with yoga, meditation, breath-work, sound healing and fitness. Sign up to the three month trial and use the code: TILLYATHOME for unlimited access for 90 Days for £9-

Huge thanks to Salome Jewellery for their support of this episode. Salome produce beautiful handmade jewellery, inspired by the ‘power of natural gemstones’. As Ambassadors to The Cross River Gorilla Project (CRGP), SALOME supports the charity’s efforts to save the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla. 10% of all sales from their LEBIALEM HIGHLAND collection will be donated to the CRGP in support of their conservation efforts. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Cameroonian Rainforest, it features Rainforest Jasper & Moonstone which are a stunning combination and provide both balance and a deeper connection to nature.

Find Salome on and on Instagram @salome_design

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