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Will you Join the Race for the Case?

So we’ve all heard of the shoe box appeal but have you heard of the Pencil Case Project? Cross River Gorilla project is a charitable organisation set up to support the existing conservation efforts of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla in Cameroon. Since its inception, conservation efforts have become more challenging as a state of crisis has ensued in Cameroon. The political situation in Anglophone Cameroon between the English and French speaking populations has deteriorated severely, killings and conflict forcing local communities to abandon their destroyed villages and flee to Nigeria, to towns, and into the rainforest, which has caused a major humanitarian crisis, not to mention a desperate pressure on the rainforest and therefore the conservation of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla. As a conservation charity dedicated to protecting an endangered species, it is also the responsibility of CRGP to aid the growing humanitarian crisis in the Cross River region.

This January we are launching the Pencil Case Project, in association with Newcastle University to collate pencil cases filled with stationary and interesting objects that will be packaged and delivered to refugee children in Cameroon who have been denied the right to education by the humanitarian crisis in the area. Will you join the race for the case? From January through February we are collecting donations of pencil cases and stationary, depositories will be located in the Student Union, the Robinson library, and throughout campus. Who needs 11 highlighters, 4 rulers and 12 rubbers after exams have finished in January anyway?

Photo credit: Paul Spillet.

Note. Donations now closed.

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