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CRGP Announces Amelia Windsor as New Patron

The Cross River Gorilla Project has announced Amelia Windsor as its new Patron.

As the CRGP Patron, Amelia will support the CRGP through raising awareness and championing the importance of continued support to both the rangers in the rainforest and environmental education in the the race to save the critically endangered Cross River gorilla.

The appointment is part of the CRGP's strategy to further global collaborations and increase local action.

Amelia commented:

I am honoured to join CRGP as Patron and hope to be a positive force with the ability to raise awareness. Through my role, I look forward to celebrating the incredible diversity of the rainforest areas and their communities as well as working to promote further education and practical steps to help save the critically endangered Cross River gorilla. These glorious animals have an indelible impact on our planet and we have to do everything we can to protect them from total extinction.

Amelia will have an active role in the annual CRGP event and play a supporting role through social media throughout the year.

Please contact:

Jennifer Chennells

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