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-Alternative Gifts-

-Act Now-

Why not give the gift of a donation to our charity?

Join us to fight species extinction by helping to save the Critically Endangered Cross River gorillas.

Please join our campaign to support the Rainforest Rangers and their families and in turn, fight climate change and preserve the Lebialem Highland rainforests in Cameroon. 

Men, women and children have been uprooted from their homes in the rainforest communities in Cameroon due to the Anglophone Crisis. 

Many of these children have been out of school for years.

Now is the time to act!

Please support our urgent appeal to support these rainforest communities by sponsoring a child's education.

We can work together to support the families of the Lebialem Highlands during this crisis, help their children go back to school and build a sustainable future for the gorillas.

Together we can make a difference...

How Can You Help?
CRGP_Pencil Case Project_SALOME Empowerm

-Donate £100-

Sponsor A Child's Education

£100 will provide a child with scholarship items including fees, books, bags, uniforms and pens, to support their education for 1 year.


-Donate £60-

Sponsor A Child's School Fees

Just £60 will help fund a child's education for 1 year and help them back to school.


Donate £30

Sponsor School Books and Uniforms

To help pay for a child's school books and uniform for 1 year.

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Donate £10

Sponsor A Pencil Case

To help provide a child with a pencil case and stationery for school and get involved with environmental education projects like the Pencil Case Project.

-Why Donate?-

To save the Cross River gorillas from extinction, it is vital that we support the surrounding Lebialem Highland rainforest communities with education opportunities and the development of alternative, sustainable livelihoods, like Rainforest Rangers. 

We are responding to reports from the Lebialem Highland Rainforest Rangers trained by our partner, ERuDeF, that men, women and children have been uprooted from their homes due to the escalating Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon. 

Cross River Gorilla Project is a UK based charity set up to actively support the conservation of the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla to improve its natural habitat in the Lebialem Highlands. We support the local rainforest communities, work with organisations in the field of conservation, education and development with the aim to raise awareness of the importance of conserving the biodiversity of rainforests in harmony with human activity. Our Woman’s Empowerment Group aims to support the most marginalised women in the Lebialem Highlands which is currently in an humanitarian crisis.

-Thank you!-


We use PayPal Giving so that 100% of your donation reaches us, with no transaction fees.

Your donation will go towards our projects in partnership with ERuDeF.

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