-Upcoming Events-




We’re excited to invite you to a CRGP Christmas Wreath Workshop with the lovely Carmel Ovenden...

Thursday 3rd December 19:00-20:00 

Monday 7th December 19:00-20:00

Wednesday 9th December 19:00-20:00

Sunday 13th December 16:30-17:30

Email w.ovenden@newcastle.ac.uk to book! 

1) Confirm your booking, workshop date and delivery address with Will, our CRGP Ambassador

2) We will send you the Christmas Wreath Kit (including base, decorations and foliage) with everything you need

3) Log in using the Zoom link on the day and get started with our Christmas Wreath Expert! 

 Please book ASAP so we can get your Christmas Wreath Kit delivered in time.


All profits kindly donated to the Cross River Gorilla Project.

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-Past Events-

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our Gorilla Mingle to celebrate World Wildlife Day 2020! We are looking forward to hosting another Gorilla Mingle at The Continental when it is safe again!

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