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-Cross River Gorilla Day-

- MAY 14th -

    World Cross River Gorilla Day will be on 14th May, so to inaugurate it CRGP will be holding a sponsored walk which it is hoped will be an annual fundraising and promoting event. 


    Creating an International day for the Cross River Gorilla is an important way to draw attention to this animal and the rain forest where it is found. It is part of the work currently being done by the Cross River Gorilla Project,  a charity set up in 2015 to draw public attention to the plight of the gorilla and put in place appropriate measures to try and ensure its survival.


    The Cross River Gorilla is certainly a species that comes into the category of critically endangered, with perhaps as few as 300 remaining,  and one of the most endangered of all the great apes. Found in the submontane or cloud rain forest areas of South West Cameroon and across the border in Nigeria, the Cross River Gorilla is an animal in danger of extinction particularly because of the current conflict in South West Cameroon.


    International Cross River Gorilla Day is just one of a series of measures to help support and publicise the importance of this iconic animal. CRGP is also working to give the animal special status as a representative of the West African rainforest.  This image of the gorilla as a symbol of the whole of this forest area would help give a boost, a handle to rain forest conservation in West Africa


    The countdown to World Cross River Gorilla day 2023 begins…

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